November 18, 2021

Lana secures the technological growth required for its products

Lana is a platform that connects individuals and businesses with providers of financial services, payments, and many others. To ensure sustainable growth of their users, Lana worked with AstroKube to analyse both the performance of the platform, along with the applications hosted on it, while establishing a plan for scalability improvements.

Financial services
Madrid, Spain
70+ Employees


Ensuring that user volume growth is sustainable

Lana found itself in a phase of steady user growth and needed to ensure that the technology stack would be able to sustain this growth. Both the platform architecture and application architecture are vital to ensuring proactive and efficient scalability, and for this reason, analysis and improvement in these areas represented a crucial challenge for Lana.


Creating an enhancement plan to provide better scalability

AstroKube worked with Lana's engineering teams to analyse both the architecture of the platform, as well as the applications deployed on it. Based on the analysis, critical points for scalability were identified, required technological solutions were defined, and a work plan for their implementation was established.


Implementation of a scalability improvement plan

Lana has been able to define a work plan to ensure the technological growth required for its products.

Software and services

Google Cloud Platform
Kubernetes, Golang, Python, Microservices, Databases