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Our services and solutions for the development and customization of cloud platforms allow companies to scale, optimize costs and solve complex problems

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Products with meaningful impact start with a solid base

AstroKube's services and support help you maximize the impact of your digital products. Our experience in adoption, implementation and customization of cloud platforms provides you with the necessary resources to create a solid technology foundation on which to scale

PES - Platform Engineering Subscription

It's hard to face the Day Two challenges of a productive environment. We can help you with the maintenance and support of your cloud platform so you can focus on what really matters.

Cloud Native Training

Cloud platforms require a wide range of skills. We can provide the knowledge that your engineering teams need to face the challenges of your platform successfully.


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We are partnering with leading market providers of innovative solutions to develop scalable, fast, and secure business systems for our customers

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Pragmatic solutions to building your technology base

Whether it's through optimizing costs, implementing security and governance policies, or automating processes. With an Open Source approach, our solutions are pragmatic, flexible and scalable; designed to face even the toughest of platform challenges of modern organizations

Cost Optimization
The complexity of hybrid platforms and the multi-tenant use of platforms make it difficult to monitor the resource consumption of applications. Through a study of the platform and the implementation of tools, we help organizations to optimize their resource consumption.
Hybrid Cloud Platforms
Hybrid cloud platforms provide interoperability, cost optimization and flexibility to move loads between different cloud providers and cloud environments. Through our independent, open source approach, we help modern organizations define and implement the best hybrid cloud strategy.
Cloud Native Development
Cloud Native architectures ensure scalability and availability of applications by automating development processes to create agile platforms. With our expertise in cloud native architectures we help modern organizations meet their needs and thrive in cloud environments.
Security and Compliance
Security should be a priority for all organizations. With our DevSecOps approach we help modern organizations define and implement a security and compliance strategy throughout the entire IT lifecycle.
The automation of integration and deployment processes accelerates development cycles. With open source tools and GitOps methodology we help organizations automate their CI/CD processes while ensuring traceability of changes.
Cloud (Native) Adoption
Cloud technology adoption empowers organizations, reducing development time and costs. Through Infrastructure as Code we help modern organizations to establish a world-class cloud infrastructure.
How we work

Innovation is a process

We are focused on having a meaningful and lasting impact. Our values are oriented to boost our clients, empowering their capacity for innovation

Nos centramos en iteraciones cortas con un scope definido y que aporten valor desde el principio
Las tendencias tecnológicas dan forma al futuro pero lo realmente importante es encontrar soluciones sólidas y fiables:
- Practicality beats purity
- “Disruptive technology should be framed as a marketing challenge, not a technological one.” Innovation Dilemma
Buscamos la mejor solución en distintos proveedores de cloud y proyectos open source
El resultado de nuestro trabajo siempre tiene que ir acompañado de entregables medibles. Que tengas un impacto tecnológico o de negocio positivo
We believe in agile methodologies, with short iterations that add value from the beginning
Technology trends shape the future, but we believe that what really adds value are robust and reliable solutions
Our services and solutions are based on business requirements and innovation needs, not contractual obligations
Our work is consistently impactful from both technological and business standpoints. Our clients continue to choose AstroKube as a trusted and highly-rated partner when it comes to delivering measurable results
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